Here is the SVM Timesync Application written by Steve Runck. The "README.RTF" file, is shown below providing installation and operation instructions. This program is freeware; however, if you find it useful and would like to make a ministry donation, please make it payable to:

KFNW Radio
5702 52nd Avenue South
Fargo, ND 58104



Unzip the files to an empty folder and install the app. by launching
the setup.exe file. If, during the install, you are notified that a
file on your hard drive is newer than the file that is about to be
installed, KEEP YOUR FILE. The installation may also generate an error
at the end of its process. Simply click "ignore".

Launch the program by running the executable file "SVMTimesync.exe".

SVM Timesync will synchronize the date and time of your PC to that of
another PC on your network by executing a NET TIME command that has the
following syntax:

NET TIME \\<server> /SET /YES

where <server> is the name of the network PC you want to synchronize
to. It is not case-sensitive. Type the name of a valid network PC in
the "Server Name" box, then click "Save Server Name".

You can specify up to 4 date/time synchronization times per hour.
These should be specified in mm:ss format. To add a time, enter valid
data into the box to the right of the "Add to List" button, then click
the button or hit <Enter> on your keyboard. To remove a time from the
list, click on that time in the list and then click "Remove From List".

When the clock time reaches a user-specified update time, a date/time
synchronization will occur. The local PC must be able to "see" the
server PC on the network to be able to execute the time sync properly.

A time sync can also be manually executed by clicking the "Execute Net
Time Sync" button.