Reverse Path Mapping

Showing Signals Transmitted by a Remote
Notice that when drawing "POLAR RADIO COVERAGE" you have the choice if the Mobile is the transmitter or the receiver. You can program Radio Mobile with units that match your RPU receive antenna and remote van (using the mast extended height, of course). Here are the parameters used to draw the following maps. Note the use of "Centre Rx" as well as limiting the Radial Range to 72km (the limit of the license involved). Also the threshold for coverage is raised to 50 to 100dB.

This creates the maps shown here (with MapBlast added on the right).

Now let's plan a remote near Niles and click on the map where the remote will be. Crosshairs appear marking the spot (as shown to the left below).

Go to EDIT - UNIT PROPERTIES, choose the remote van (I've called it Mobile) and click on the "Place Unit at Cursor Position" option. "Apply" and the Mobile unit moves to Niles (as shown to the right above - and yes, there are other icons one can use than inverted triangles).

Now we are ready to VIEW - RADIO LINK. Set the Transmitter as Mobile and the Receiver as the station. Note we do not have line of site thanks to a hill at 3.47km where line of site is 11.51m below ground ...

I don't have all the parameters programmed so I can't make a final judgement, but the lack of line of site is not promising! Better order a phone line just to be sure.


James Bellaire @ CRTech