Path Mapping

Showing Path coverage on a Map
If you have the appropriate Antenna Pattern for your antenna you can also show the coverage on a map. "yagi1.ant" is included in the Radio Mobile supplement files. The complete settings are shown here, but a key setting (other than the antenna pattern) is the checkbox "Use Link Azimuth" which will point the source at the target. Note that instead of using "rainbow" I have done multiple passes of a different solid color. On each pass I chose to "leave coverage".
Starting with RED for 60dB to 100dB of signal

Adding GREEN for 50dB to 60dB of signal

And DARK YELLOW for 40dB to 50dB of signal

Remember that the coverage calculated is for antennas at the 75m AGL at each point on the map with the antenna oriented as stated, not for coverage at different levels or orientation.

Use EDIT - MERGE FROM MAPBLAST - MULTIPLY as before to add a roadmap to the picture, and VIEW - SHOW NETWORKS to show the path as labeled.


James Bellaire @ CRTech