Radio Mobile - Setup

Software Install
Download the program using the links on You will need the "Radio Mobile executables" and "" as a minimum. If you don't already have Visual Basic installed on your system you will need it too. The "Radio Mobile supplement" files are also handy, and I suggest you install them too.
For installation on my system I choose C:\rm-deluxe\. All further examples are based on choosing that directory.
Create your rm-deluxe directory and unzip all the files to that directory. Then create a directory for your SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topology Mission) data. SRTM data used is at the 100m (3sec) level providing a good level of accuracy. My SRTM data directory is C:\rm-deluxe\GeoData\. You do not need to download any data at this time.

Software Setup
Run the executable RMWDLX.exe . It may try to open an example network, ignore the errors for now.
Go to EDIT - INTERNET PREFERENCES on the menubar. Select the second option, namely "Download from Internet if a file is not found on local path and keep a local copy." Enter your SRTM data directory in the Local files path box and click apply. The FTP information at the bottom should point to SRTM data for North America.

At this point the software is ready to draw your first map, and will pull any data it needs from the internet to do its work.


James Bellaire @ CRTech