The majority of Christian radio feeds are now available on a single MPEG encoded channel set up by the Christian Radio Consortium. Networks backhaul their feeds to Monee Illinois where the combined signals are beamed up to satellite. Stations with a Wegener Unity 4000 reciever pointed at GE3 and tuned properly can select the following channels by simply using a three letter code.

Note that many of these feeds may be restricted to subscribers only and in addition programs require clearance before airing.
Networks marked are featured in the Feed Finder. marks links are to offsite resources.

CRC Members
     Amb-OS - The Satellite FTP Delivery System
     Ambassador and Focus feeds are moving to the AMB-OS platform.
     More information is available at the AMB-OS website.

     Ambassador Advertising
AA1  Ambassador Advertising 1
AA2  Ambassador Advertising 2
AMC  Ambassador Music Channel

     Focus Networks
FN1  Focus Network 1
FN2  Focus Network 2
FN3  Focus Network 3
FOF  Focus on the Family (Focus Programs)

     Moody Broadcasting
     Network Homepage
MB1  Moody Broadcasting 1  (Network)
MB2  Moody Broadcasting 2  (Feeds)

     Salem Radio
SMA  Salem Music Network - Today's Christian Music
SMB  Salem Music Network - The Word in Praise
SMC  Salem Music Network - Solid Gospel
SR1  Salem 1
SR2  Salem 2
SR3  Salem 3
SR4  Salem 4
SR5  Salem 5
     AMC-8 SALEM
     AMC-8 DGNNet

     Skylight Radio
SKY  Skylight    (Music 24/7)
SK2  Skylight 2  (Program Feeds)

     USA Radio
US1  USA 1
US2  USA 2
US3  USA 3
US4  USA 4

     VCY America
VC1  VCY 1
VC2  VCY 2

Other Networks
     Christian Broadcasting System
CB1  CB1 Left and Right
CB2  CB2 Mono Feeds

     Family Life Radio "LifeOne"
     Network Homepage
LF1  Family Life Communications

     Calvary Satellite Network
     Network Homepage
CS1  CS1 Mono Left is KEFX - Modern Youth Rock
CS2  CS2 Stereo is the 24/7 main CSN Program Feed
     CSN is no longer providing Bible programs to the Unity C-Band feed.

     Information Radio Network
IRN  Information Radio Network

     Research Educational Foundation/KVTT
     KVTT Homepage
REF? Research Educational Foundation/KVTT

     Songtime Radio
SGT  SongTime programming moved to Salem beginning Mar 1st, 2005.

     Faith Communications/SOS Network
SOS? Faith Communications/SOS Network

Others: RR1 T1B T1C T1D

Satellite: GE3 87° West Longitude
           Transponder 17 (or Channel 9D) Horizontal
System:    DVB (FM Quad)
Carrier:   4034.00
Data Rate:   6.000 Mbps
FEC Rate:  1/2
LNB Lo:    5150.00
Program:   00001
Tag Site:  15
(Some data based on readouts from a working U4K.)