"My Station"
WFRN Elkhart Indiana

I am James Bellaire, Information Technician at WFRN in Elkhart, Indiana and here is a look at my station.

Our main studio, including twin touchscreens. The left one is used for music with a preloaded playlist. Each song is manually started by the operator. The right screen is used for our commercial and program log playbacks. We run two separate feeds from this studio, one 'North' that feeds FM 104.7 in Elkhart (50kw ERP) and one 'South' that feeds FM 100.1 in Winamac (6kw ERP) and FM 93.7 in Walton (6kw ERP LMA). The commercials and liners are split while the music and live talk goes 'to the entire network'. Off to the right is our satellite weather box (DTN FarmData) and CD players used for backup. Out in the hallway you can see our Harris HT25CD FM Transmitter. The Omnitronics 5000 AM Transmitter and the phasing cabinet are not shown.

Another look at our main studio reveals the AM Control monitor off to the left of the main console. Broadcasting on 1270 AM in Elkhart the signal is mostly automated. AM is also controlable from Our Newsbooth. Behind the window is our computer center. Two Novell servers (one business, one audio), four audio workstations, plus wire capture, audio editor PC, remote control PC, and a Linux box (e-smith) used as our internet gateway populate the rack along with audio processors and the CSU/DSU and PrimaCDQ we use for our T1 link to the South stations.

Our Coverage Area - Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan from Elkhart, Winamac, and Walton transmitter sites. We are also on the web at WFRN.COM

James Bellaire
@ WFRN Radio