Happy New Year!


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The Allens

Photo of:
Peter & Eileen Allen  with:
Becki, Betsy, Bonnie, Bethany, Brittany, Belinda, Benjamin, Brandon, Billy,
Briana & Brooke.

I serve the Lord as chief engineer at WRBS  95.1 FM in Baltimore, Maryland. 
Our website is    www.WRBS.com

Peter J. Allen



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Alan Kilgore



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The Owens

Lamar, Peggy, Timothy, Anna, and Bethany




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James Bellaire

Picture of me, when not climbing through ceilings, crawling under the
board, or rebuilding a computer.  My favorite two tools are included, an
Enco DADpro32 touchscreen, and a good microphone.



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The Runcks

Steve, Chris, Rachael, and Daniel



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John Stortz



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The Barnes

Michael and Sharon



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Don, Mildred, Cindy, Jim & Lois




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William Barnett




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The Varnums

Rick, Marcie, Holly, Amy, Libby, Sarah, and Sophie


Photos collected by Rick Varnum WAYYYY back in 1999.

Stay tuned for the next photo request!