CRTECH is an online technical resource dedicated to helping Christian radio stations.

Your hosts are James Bellaire and Tom Bosscher .

CRTech - A forum for discussion of Radio Engineering as it affects the Christian Broadcast Community.

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If you are involved in the technical side of Christian radio we invite you to join us on the mailing list. Members of the list represent stations all over the US and Canada with ties to stations around the world. Many have found technical help as well as shared the common bond of working the technical side of Christian Radio through the list.

The website is an off-shoot of discussions in the mailing list. The primary purpose is to help people searching the internet find the mailing list as well as to have a place to link to some important Christian radio information.

If you're looking for a good radio resource site take a look at The Broadcasters' Desktop Resource. It is new and edited by Barry Mishkind - "the Eclectic Engineer" and friend of the mailing list. Barry is also responsible for "The Broadcast Archive" hosted at


Sun Outage Calculator
Predicts for one year based on your location
Limited to GE3 and GE8
Satellite Feed Provider Links
Supplier Links
Spectrum Plots of the CRC Carrier

Radio Mobile Instructions
How to use a freeware ham radio program to predict FM coverage.

AMB-OS Satellite FTP
(Ambassador and Focus Networks)
Microspace Uplink Weather
National Weather Watches
Space Weather

The FCC’s Main Studio Rule:
Achieving Little for Localism at a Great Cost to Broadcasters
by David M. Silverman and David N. Tobenkin
Click here to read the report

"My Station" WFRN - James Bellaire
The Way We Were - Christmas 1999
Downloads ...
Chief Operator's Log [DOC] [PDF]
from Rick Varnum WOAK Radio

SoundExchange Excel Template [XLS]

SVM Timesync Freeware Download
from Steve Runck KFNW Radio

Amber Alert Tone - Find it here
on the homepage of